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AnyTown, USA   Claire Trevor Theatre, Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Photography:Skye Schmidt

Choreographer: Alize Irby              Costume Designer: Katie Wilson

Sound Designer: Jordan Tani           Stage Manager: Kelly Musgrove

Any Town, USA told the story of angry mothers that have lost their children to police brutality. While it 

highlighted the pain and anger that the mothers felt from this type of loss, it also explored the community that formed to support them in this painful time. The anger and mourning in this piece was supported through the heavy cadence that started the dancer’s actions. To support their mourning state, lavender and blue hues sculpted and accentuated the dancers to isolate them and make them appear as if they were floating. These deep dark colors in relationship to thier black mourning dresses and black backdrop emphasized the emptiness and pain of their loss. 

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