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Closer Orbit   Irvine Barclay Theatre

Photography: Rose Eichenbaum

Choreographer: Chad Michael Hall           Costume Designer: Katie Wilson

Sound Designer: Ningru Guo                         Stage Manager: Kelly Musgrove

Closer Orbits explored looking at the galaxies and nebulas through a romanticized lens. Each moment of the piece

expressed a different element or location in outer space. The piece started with the formation of the galaxies as dancers rotated around the stage in unison with slow cascading stars. As the dancers moved, the space was consumed with stars and rich, blue tones to create the feeling of outer space. Next, the piece focused on one dancer and one source of visible light. This dancer represented a bright star and the singular source of light represented meeting with her god, the sun. Overall, I wanted the dancers to appear as if they were in a void. I created that feeling by elimination the cyc and treating the stage legs with cascading stars that slowly moved throughout the piece. In some moments, the stars seemed to reach out into the audience and slowly moved around them to make them feel drawn into the orbit.

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