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TBP MKTG    The Los Angeles Convention Center

Producer: Tom Bercu

Production Company: Brite Ideas Complete Technical Solutions  

CEO of Brite Ideas: Greg Christy                  Overall Project Manager: Eric Wenzel 

Zones Project Manager: Scott LeGrand      Concert Project Manager: John Vasquez

Zones Project Manager: Scott LeGrand       

A Bladerunner 2049 Themed Event.


Guest entered through a ruined path lined with fluorescent tubes on hedge into a truss tunnel lined with Martin VDO sceptron and Co2 cannons. Once in the party space, kinetic beams of light cut through the space to support the themed décor. The space was separated into six zones consisting of a plethora of LED games, race drones,  a Neo-Tokyo inspired futuristic Sports Bar airing the NBA play-offs, and a lounge under a 26′ diameter projection sphere 15′ in the air. Throughout the space, scaffold structures sceptron tubes chased in black and white content.  The headliner was then revealed when a 120′ long projection/kabuki drop fell to reveal a live performance by Janelle Monae and Snoop Dog as DJ.


The pre-production process for this event took place over 8 weeks. During the 8 week span, I was the production drafter and lighting designer. I worked directly with the producers, Tom Bercu to create the space layout of décor placement, guest flow, and food/beverage locations. As the LD, I determined truss placement and fixtures selections. I also managed the lighting drafting and paperwork. Once on site, I would bounce between the different zones of the space working with two programmers, as we only had one day to program the space. 

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