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Sacred Matters   Claire Trevor Theatre, Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Photography: Skye Schmidt

Choreographer: Irisha Hubbard        Costume Designer: Katie Wilson

Sound Designer: Jordan Tani              Stage Manager: Kelly Musgrove

This modern dance was divided into four movements that focused on current events that  impacted the black community in recent years. The first movement showed the story of men imprisoned for crimes they had not committed. To create the prison lighting used textured beams of light that cut into the space with bold color that accented the music. The second movement showed the spirt of the women killed in the Charleston church shooting.  The church atmosphere was supported by a heavenly push that swept into the space. The third movement transported the audience to the night Tamir Rice was killed. Lighting created a stark night feeling to show how harsh an enviroment can be for a black child.  Finally, the last movement showed the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement as the different dancers from each movement came together. As the group formed, color was stripped from the stage as sources of light cut into the space to create depth through shadows. 

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