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Clybourne Park   Robert Cohen Theatre, Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Photography: Paul Kennedy 

Director: Leslie Ishii

Scenic Designer: Vannessa Fusi                    Costume Designer: Katey Phillips

Sound Designer: Andrea Allmond              Stage Manager: Liv Scott

Clybourne Park is a re-telling  of Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun. Act One takes place in 1959 as a white couple is selling their home after a family tragedy. In the second act, which takes in 2009, the house is again being sold, but this time by an African American couple to a white couple. The lighting played a key role in establishing a realistic setting of 1959 through warm sources of light that sculpted the space evenly. To age the home 50 years in Act Two the lighting added gritty texture to the walls and cold tones of light to give it a damp and dirty feel. The creative team also gave a voice to victims of PTSD by expanding the final moment of the show with an explosive scene that showed the trauma that led up to a character’s death. 

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